The Day lab is currently seeking motivated and creative individuals at multiple career stages.

Undergraduate students

Interested undergraduate students at UAB or in the Birmingham area should contact the lab directly for information on available positions.

Students from outside the Birmingham area should consider the Department of Neurobiology Summer Program in Neuroscience (SPIN), which provides an excellent opportunity for motivated students to gain research experience outside of their home institutions.

Graduate students

Prospective graduate students with a strong science background should apply to the UAB Graduate Biomedical Sciences program, an umbrella program that houses a number of research themes including Neurobiology.

Current graduate students at UAB should contact the lab directly for information about lab rotations. The lab hopes to add 1-2 graduate students in 2018-2019.

Postdoctoral fellowships

We are currently seeking applications for two postdoctoral positions to participate in NIH-funded projects focusing on 1) molecular genetic mechanisms in animal models of drug abuse and addiction, and 2) the role of genomic enhancers and enhancer RNAs in the nervous system. Ideal postdoctoral candidates will have a strong publication record, demonstrate a dedication to research, and be highly motivated to learn new approaches and contribute to lab dynamics. Individuals seeking a postdoc position should contact the lab directly (jjday@uab.edu) and attach a short synopsis of previous and future research directions (including what you hope to learn in the Day lab), a CV, and the contact information for references. Preference will be given to candidates that are motivated to obtain outside research support and hope to become an independent investigator in the future.